Static Website Development Cost | What is the Cost of Developing a Static Website?

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Static Website Cost – Static websites is one of the best ways to start your small business online.

Creating a static website using HTML tends to be cost-effective. , including Kolkata, web developers or design companies often offer competitive rates for static website development. The cost varies based on factors like design complexity and additional features. It's recommended to consult with developers or agencies to get personalized quotes based on your project's specific requirements.

Variables Influencing the Cost of Static Website Design

You may be planning for a new website for your business or personal use. And you want to know how much does a website cost or how much to charge for static website. This information is also useful for you if you are a freelance developer.

If you need a budget-friendly low-cost website then you can start a website by having 5 pages. This is a small website for small business or for personal use. The pages on this website are Home/About Us/Product or Services/Enquiry/Contact Us.

You can take any other 5-Page according to your Choice.

This Website Cost you between INR 5000-8000 including domain & hosting.

The most cost-effective website is a single page static website. It has only one page containing all the information. Whatever information you have regarding the business, product or services all are at one page that is the home page.

The cost of this single page website starts from 3500/- including domain & hosting.

This single-page website cost may vary depending on website development company and developer.

According to this factor, the more the efforts or Content used to make a single page of the website, the more will be the cost.

This factor says that the more famous the company you choose to build your website, the more will be the charges they will take. So, What is the cost of a static website ? The basic starting price of a static website is from 3000-5000 and can go up to 1,00000. Basically you can say that the more the content you want to put in your website the more will be the cost of it.

Static Website Cost Based on the Pages

SL Pages Price
1. 1-5 5,000/-
2. 6-12 10,000/-
3. 13-20 13,000/-

Why Choose Static Website?

Why Choose Static Website?

Since static websites are not so much costly, therefore they are the best ways for running a small business online.

Some advantages of a static website are:-

  • Not Security Issue

    Since there is no database involved, i.e., there is no headache of data loss or threat of code injection.

  • No Connection Error

    “The connection could not be established”.This is a database error which occurs on the sites that use database and can’t make the connection with it.

    Since there is no database used in the static website,i.e, there is no problem of connection establishment.

  • Good Page Load Time

    Since there is no database involved, the static websites are more speedy and easy to load

    The loading speed of the static website is much faster than the dynamic website(site having the database or CMS).

  • Low Price

    The static websites are less costly and the minimum starting cost of a website is 3000

Disadvantages of Static Website

In static website, the owner can’t make any further modifications on his website by his own(if he doesn’t know the HTML), he always has to call the developer to come and make changes. And the developer will take the extra charges for the modification.

Therefore, the cost of the static website, in the long run, can be higher.-

  • No Flexibility

    If you want to sell a product on your website and you have a lot of them, then you have to construct or develop individual pages for each one, which can take huge time, effort and cost.

    To avoid this, there is another kind of website known as dynamic website.we can use that.

Disadvantages of Static Website

What is a Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website is a collection of dynamic web pages whose content changes dynamically. Means the web page can be changed with the reader that opens the page or it can change day by day. Unlike the static websites, dynamic websites use database or content management system for accessing the web page.

Why Choose Dynamic Website?

Since the dynamic website is a bit costlier than a static website. But as we know that the more costly is the thing the more is it benefits.

That’s exactly what the dynamic site provides ->more features than the static website.

Advantages of Dynamic Website

  • its maintenance cost is less
  • It is easy to make
  • Owner of the site can make modifications to his site by its own, without calling the developer to come and do it for him
  • Changes to the site can be made in just one click
  • It provides good interaction experience to the user by providing good GUI at every web page of the site.
  • Complex sites can be made with ease using a dynamic website.
  • The main advantage of a dynamic website is the use of CMS (Content Management System)that allows you to create and publish your content on the website with ease.

The cost of a dynamic website also depends on the same factors as we saw in the static website case.

Some of the cost of the dynamic website according to its pages and design quality are-:

Pages Quality Cost
1-5 Basic Website 3000-5000
5-10 Business Website 8000-10,000
10-12 Professional Website 10,000-15,000
12-15 Creative Graphics Website 20,000-25,000
Unlimited Creative Animated Website Extra Creative 35,000-40,000

High Cost

Dynamic websites are very costly .if you want to make a dynamic website of E-commerce than it can cost you up to 40k to 50k.

Slow Loading Speed

If your website pages are very much complicated, then they will take more time to load.

Sometimes the dynamic websites take time to connect with their respective databases, which gives headaches to the user and forces the user to close the website.

Which is Better? Static Website or Dynamic Website

Both the sites are better in their own ways.

If you want to create an online business and your website is small, then you can surely go for the static website. As it can provide you with a great way of earning money online at low cost.

But if your site is complicated or it has many web pages or it is an E-commerce site, then I should strongly recommend you to go for the dynamic website as it can provide you with a way to easily manage and update your site according to the user or time requirement.